From the very outset, both Ann and Nigel have been wonderful. They listened and took the time to find out what support my mum required and what was in my mum’s best interest as well as supporting myself at the same time.

We agreed on a companion for my mum who would take her shopping or out for a coffee. My mum’s companion was Joan who was brilliant with her. I would definitely recommend Home Comfort Services.

Sam Christopher, Lytham St Annes

Audrey is 96 years and came to live in Lytham St Anne’s 13 years ago and has received exceptional care from Home Comforts.
As she has no living relatives the Home Comforts team are her mainstay and family and we are very delighted with the help she receives. They are very concerned about her security from scam phone calls to uninvited people in her apartment.

They have gone far beyond the call of duty in her medical care, shopping and general household duties.

We have found that Home Comforts are led by Nigel and Ann with integrity, and it is reflected in all of their staff.
Audrey is exceptionally lucky to have such a good care team that enables her to live in comfort in her own home where she is happy, long may it continue.

Chris and Janet, Harrogate.

Home Comfort Services helped my mother at her Lytham home following a hip replacement at the age of 93. They attended her in the mornings to enable to go downstairs and they dealt with her laundry, tidying the house, rubbish disposal; in fact any tasks that she was unable to accomplish herself. The process was reversed in the evening. Also, Home Comfort escorted my mother to hospital visits and check-ups, often at short notice. At all times they were friendly, prompt, courteous, flexible and knowledgeable. Importantly, they were also able to provide me, the patient’s son, with timely and clear feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending  Home Comfort Services.

Roger Kirby, Devon

Mum began care with Home Comfort Services over 18mths ago. As a family we did an awful lot of research into agencies and the care they provide. Mum came out of hospital on Christmas Eve. Having spoken previously with Nigel we were asked if we could manage for 2wks and then they could provide a full package of care. We were more than happy with this, given it was the Christmas Period.

Mum had been in hospital 8wks following a fall, she had lost nearly 2st and acquired pneumonia on 2 separate occasions whilst there. Mum could not walk without someone present, she couldn’t wash or make a cup of tea.

With huge thanks to Ann, Nigel and their wonderful team of carers, Mum has regained the weight she lost, she can walk around her own home with just a zimmer frame, we have even managed to cancel the lunch call, with Mum making her own.

We knew it was going to be a long journey but with the dedication of the carers Mum is in her own home, where she wants to be.

Big thanks to Ann and Nigel who keep us updated on everything, even if it’s to say a carer is running 10mins late. Their advice is always appreciated. An “A” Class team that’s 100% dedicated!

Michelle Smith, Freckleton

If you are looking for domiciliary care for an elderly person or relative then look no further than Home Comforts Services. Back in March 2019 my then 87 year old Mother, was beginning to need extra support in caring for her husband Ed who had dementia. She contacted Home Comforts and a visit was arranged to look at what could be offered. For the past 5 years the support has been exceptional.

Karen – Daughter, Lytham

Just over 2 years ago it became apparent that my father would require assistance if he was to stay in his own home. At just over 8 stone in weight, with walking difficulties, my father desperately needed help. Not qualifying for social services care we were left wondering where to turn next. Finding Home Comfort Services was a turning point for my father which brought him back from the brink. I firmly believe that had we not found Home Comfort Services, my father would have continued to deteriorate and would not be with us today. The staff at Home Comfort Services truly care, they ensure that my father is well taken care of and has every comfort and need he requires. Any issues are immediately flagged to head office and are either dealt with or brought swiftly to my attention. The teams experience and patience in dealing with the elderly and, in my father’s case, a client with Alzheimer’s and Dementia is very reassuring. Now, more than 2 years later, my father is in his 90s and is enjoying living in his own home with the help and support of Home Comfort Services.

Jon Trevorrow Lytham

I strongly recommend Home Comfort Services: they have been looking after my mum in Wrea Green for several years now. All the carers are very kind, caring and professional and look after all my mum’s daily needs- they often go above and beyond in the care they provide. A rota is produced every week and my mum is kept informed if there are any last minute changes or if a carer is delayed for any reason. In short, my mum and I are extremely happy with the service provided.

Jenny Stanage, Wrea Green

I have been using Home Comfort Services for a few weeks now and I have found the team there absolutely fabulous.

My main point of contact has been Ann Trusdale and I can’t praise her enough.

The communication has been brilliant. Ann gives me regular updates on the visits and I always feel that Ann and her team genuinely care and understand about dementia and the care that they give.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for either full or part-time support for their loved ones.

Kathy Christiano

As a family we recognised that our Dad needed a regular visit and companionship that would complement the interaction he has with his family, friends and medical personnel. The service we have received from Home Comfort Services has made a huge difference and therefore improved his quality of life. This has enabled the family to rest assured that, should they be unable to visit, Dad was at least seeing someone on a daily basis. The feedback loop works well enabling that service to be tailored to Dad’s needs.

The Ashton Family of Lytham

I would just like to say a Big thank you for sending me X. She is such a kind and thoughtful person and tries so hard to make Mum feel comfortable and to stimulate her through singing songs that X has taken the trouble to put on her phone. She is a lovely Lady and for me to feel ok with somebody else watching over Mum so far just hasn’t happened but seeing X be so gentle and just focusing on her has made me feel comfortable knowing Mum is in caring hands.

I Farrer, Blackpool

Home Comfort Service have been providing daily care for my mother for around four years. This has been a godsend as both myself and my brother live in London. The attention to detail and care given to my mother is of the highest level and I cannot recommend them enough.

Andrea Seaford 

When Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, the family went into shock and wondered how on earth we were going to cope. I asked friends if they knew of anyone that they could recommend. Fortunately Home Comforts were suggested and we never looked back.

 In the years that followed Ann and Nigel carefully planned a caring team who looked after both my parents, taking them out for respite care, giving medication, helping with tasks at home, checking food dates and helping with shopping. Unfortunately my Dad was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and had to be cared for in a home where he sadly passed away. The company the carers provided for Mum at that time was empathic, warm and very caring. As Mum’s needs increased Nigel and Ann discussed changes that needed to be made and familiar carers worked longer hours with her. When services were called in and suggested a programme of exercises for her to decrease the risk of falls, the carers practised them with her very gently and always with a smile and sense of humour. She adored their company and looked very much looked forward to their visits. Although Mum’s decline meant that she is now residing in a care home, Home Comforts still check in and ask how Mum is. 

I could recommend them to anyone who has an elderly parent or relative They are kind and caring and create a personalised plan for your relative providing an outstanding service which is thorough and professional. 

 Sue H. Lytham St Annes

It’s never nice or easy knowing that you have to leave the welfare of your mother in the hands of others, so careful consideration was placed in searching for a professional company that could have the skillset and caring empathic team necessary to perform the care needed, whilst at the same time remove the families fears and worries.

Home Comfort Services have now been my mother’s key service providers for several years, delivering all the necessary care needs with upmost professionalism, efficiency and reliability, equally importantly my mother enjoys their visits and support. 

Alan Coxon

Home Comfort Services first met my cousin when she was living in a Lytham care home. As I live in the USA, I was unable to be there to support or care for her. In the beginning they provided companionship while she was in the care home including visits to local shops and cafes. When she was discharged home, ahead of the pandemic, Home Comfort Services continued to provide daily personal care and home support ensuring that my cousin is able to live comfortably at home, supported by a team of carers, people that she has got to know. I am incredibly grateful that Home Comfort Services keeps me updated on my cousin’s health and general welfare. Their excellent care and exceptional communication has given me peace of mind and heart over a great distance. Their kindness and quick response is a treasure that my cousin and I would be at a loss without.

Beth F. Florida, USA